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About Us

Our Story

STE Auditing & Consultancy

Salem Taleb Efaifa Auditing and consultancy is an organization of substance with a full-service capability available in Qatar. We construct our team to reflect your organization structure. We make all aspects of our service delivery transparent to the client. Our performance is pre-scheduled, agreed with you for deliverables, timetable, and maximum cost effectiveness. Our aim is to beat your expectations from any assignments. The approach we adopt ensures that we bring our views to you about business operations as well as Financial and legal compliance.

Your views on the quality of services delivered by Salem Taleb Efaifa are sought by the managing partner of the firm. We will take action promptly if you feel it is needed. We are experienced in serving complex organizations and we are happy to provide site references to support this claim. We know that clear communication is essential to our service provision. The client service role is judged by the effectiveness of our communication with clients and with our team.

“If you can’t show through an audit trail how you arrived at the numbers on your balance sheet, that is a significant internal control failure.”

Robert Cobb

Why Choose Us?

Business Growth

Unlimited Revision

Ultimate Perfection

Smart Experience

Strict Deadline

Reputed Firm

We Do Things With Love And Passion

Affordable Price Range

Receive on Time

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Mission

Audit and Assurance helps our clients achieve its targets by providing objective and independent audit and assurance services to reduce risk and improve operations and to ensure best practice in all aspects of financial reporting and compliance activities.

Our Vision

Striving to be a team of world-class professional Accounting and Assurance, helping to shape the future of the Audit and Assurance services

Our Core Values


We exhibit fairness, honesty, and ethical behavior in our service to all our clients.


We perform duties in an unbiased manner, i.e., based on an informed analysis of the issues and a clear understanding of the operations affected.


We provide accurate reports and timely, feasible, and relevant recommendations.

We collaborate with colleagues and clients to provide services that improve our stakeholders effectiveness and efficiency.


We develop creative and innovative approaches to key issues facing by our clients.